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Guidelines & Policies

Although is a privately maintained website, we aim to build a place for our community to come together. To ensure everyone is respected and the site stays true to its goal, there are some community guidelines that must be followed. Additionally, we want you to understand what data is collected and who has access to it. Please read below to find out more.

Community Guidelines is intended for residents in Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA that live on West Salisbury Street or a street adjacent between West Salisbury Street and West Street, or reside on Old Graham Rd/NC-87 between West Street & the roundabout at CCCC. Membership is by request only (by signing up) and requires admin approval to be added.

The intent of is to bring together neighbors online to promote discussions, support one another and create a neighborhood events page. 

Forum Usage

The discussion forum is a place for neighbors to start online discussions with the community of West Salisbury Street. Neighbors that have joined can comment or "react" to postings. 

The following posts and comments are prohibited:

  • Hate speech, racial slurs, derogatory statements or any statement to verbally attack, abuse or belittle others.

  • Paid Advertisements - this includes paid ads for local business or candidates (see approved business posts section)

  • Political Discussions - there are plenty of other places to have those discussions, but they are not allowed here.

  • Affiliate Purchase Links - online purchase links that result in benefit to the poster

  • Spam, Malware, and any other form of malicious web content

Approved Business Discussions

While does not allow paid advertising or affiliate links, we do want to be able to support local businesses. If you would like to share about a local business in a positive way, we welcome the discussion, as long as it otherwise meets the criteria above. 

Forum Privacy 

As is a restricted access site, we ask that members aim to respect the privacy and boundaries established on the site. This means that discussions should not be shared outside of the community in forums such as Facebook (personal, groups or pages), NextDoor, The Chatham Chatlist, etc. If you wish to have a conversation with the larger public, please ensure the conversation is separate and does not share discussions or media shared on

Privacy Policy is independently maintained and paid for by Addie Rudy. Data provided is used within the website only and is treated as confidential. Personal information provided via the user profile is either visible exclusively to you or exclusively to neighbors that have logged into

All users with membership to agree to respect the privacy of their neighbors. Personal information should not be shared with individuals that do not have access to If a member is determined to have violated this agreement, they will have their access revoked. 

Anonymous User Analytics are collected to understand website usage, but are only accessible to site admins. Analytic data is never shared nor used for any personal or financial gain and is reviewed to understand general website usage such as frequently visited pages, site loading speed. At no point in time are individuals identifiable within the analytics.

At any point in time, any member has the right to request their account be removed and information linked/associated with their account deleted. 

Community Guidelines & Privacy Policy last updated 10/8/2023.

Any future changes to policies will be communicated to all site members. 

Guideline & Policy feedback is welcomed and should be discussed within the community forum.

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